Gateways to Judaism

Gateways to Judaism is an 18 week basic Judaism course taught both in Alexandria and Rockville. There are currently 24 students enrolled in these sessions. The students come from the 14 congregations that are participating in this cooperative endeavor and from the community at large. Students are born Jews looking for a deeper of Jewish living, non-Jews who have decided to convert to Judaism, supportive non-Jews seeking to understand their partners heritage so that together they can together create Jewish homes and the spiritually curious. The sessions focus on forming Jewish identity and connections. A second series of these seminars will begin in mid-February.

Jewish Explorations: Where you Live, Work and Play

I have been pleased to be invited into individual living rooms and offices for informal Jewish Experiences. So far these have included a lovely after-dinner, dessert/ “Ask the Rabbi” gathering and a Sukkah party presentation. On the horizon for this program is an upcoming Adult Jewish ‘Show and Tell – Jewish Road Show,’ on a Saturday night after Shabbat in a hosts’ home. Participants are invited to bring a treasured Jewish object to share and learn about. At the JCC of Greater Washington I am teaching a weekly seminar to the Active Seniors Group called A Bissel Talmud. I am also working to bring Talmud study and seminars on Jewish ethics into local offices.

Chavruta (One-on-One) Learning

Chavruta learning is the traditional way of Jewish learning where 2 people work as partners challenging each other to understand Jewish wisdom and texts. Reviving this practice, Rabbi Rose meets with individuals for one-on-one explorations in Jewish wisdom seeking to discover deeper understanding of Jewish texts, philosophy and/or practice. The back and forth questioning and engagement is exciting for the learning partners. Chavruta Learning can take place weekly or monthly with a unique course of exploration designed in partnership.

JDiscover is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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